Too much to do, too little time

Too much to do, too little time gets to us all with varying degrees of anxiety, tension and stress which all affects our voice. All voice over artists understand and practice good vocal warm ups, but these don’t necessarily release the tension and stress within. One of the best ways to remedy this in regards to our voice is by … Read More

Words and books

It is an exciting time for books at the moment. There are so many being brought to visual life currently. Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall, JK Rowling’s Casual Vacancy, and the films of Gone Girl and Fifty Shades of Grey, just for example. The biggest fear of a reader when watching a beloved book placed on screen is that it won’t … Read More

Why I like January

Most people find January a dreary depressing drag. I admit, it is hard work. Dark mornings, wet days and daunting evenings. However, it is the first five weeks of something brand new, the start of the time of promise, opportunity for change and chances to come your way. I like to hibernate a little in the first few weeks. Use … Read More

Why your voice is the most powerful part of you

Why your voice is the most powerful part of you. I was very sad yesterday to wake and find a news update on my phone that the beautifully brave and brilliant actress Lynda Bellingham had died. This upset me so much that I found myself crying without realising it. It has touched a nerve with me deeply, not just because … Read More

The importance of a name

The interesting thing when you are an actor is the importance of your name. It is the first thing people see about you and hear you say. If there is another registered spotlight actor with the same name as you, then you have to choose a different name. I read an article in the Lady Magazine yesterday about Benedict Cumberbatch. … Read More