Why I like January

Most people find January a dreary depressing drag. I admit, it is hard work. Dark mornings, wet days and daunting evenings. However, it is the first five weeks of something brand new, the start of the time of promise, opportunity for change and chances to come your way.

I like to hibernate a little in the first few weeks. Use the time to reflect on the previous year, the things I achieved, the happy moments and the chances and opportunites I had and acted upon. I also like to look at the things that perhaps did not go so well and using the magical gift of hindsight ascertain where I could have made things turn out differently. Improve upon my mistakes. I like to set myself a challenge; This year I will achieve …… rather than This year I resolve not to…….

My 5 year old (nearly 6 very important point) asked me this weekend where we came from and who made us. Deep questions. We ended up discussing evolution and I explained that over time things, change, develop, improve hopefully. So applying evolution to our miniscule time on the history of Earth the start of a new year gives us another section in time to evolve, improve and develop. January is the focus point for this, a month not to be wasted in wishing away because of the weather or the dark, it is a month to use its given time to us wisely.

January is a calm month and a positive opportunity to plan. On the come down from all the festivities we can now schedule in happy times, holidays, and most of all things we would like to personally achieve in the coming months ahead. Maybe set a target for every month to achieve or action a particular thing. If you believe in yourself now then that belief and drive will carry you happily further up the year.

So in these January blues there are golden hues. Be grateful for all the love, people and wonderful things you have and have achieved and that you can relax in doing so, whilst also looking forward with hope and anticipation to the great things to come.

I stumbled across an interesting thought the other day;

“Would your 8 year old self be proud of you?”

Why not make January the month to have a little chat with your 8 year old self and perhaps make 2015 the year they would be.

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